Author’s note: this post in no way endorses any presidential candidate. Frankly, I don’t trust either party at this point but you can bet I will be voting in November.

Have you ever seen something that was so atrocious that it drove you the brink of insanity and you wouldn’t rest until you finally righted the wrong, thereby making the world – or at least yours – a better place to live?

I did. And it happened today.

Ann showed me the following image that was posted by one of her friends who uses Facebook as their platform to pontificate their thoughts about the upcoming election, particularly about Mitt Romney. (This was the reason I was given by a former Facebooker who felt my political posts, when I did post them, were getting out of hand and was the reason I was “unfriended” by them. Oh well.)

At any rate, here’s the image in question.

Sure, fine. I get that the person who generated this image does not think very highly of Mitt Romney. That’s obvious.

But for shit’s sake, who taught them how to use Photoshop? Was it too hard to figure out how to distort the text and give it proper perspective or was this their homage to M.C. Escher? I’m thinking the former. The text on that chalkboard almost hurts your eyes to look at for any extended period of time and could quite possibly give you the bends.

But I digress. I may not be too fond of either candidate myself, but allow me to say this.


I feel better. And I do apologize for the use of Comic Sans.