Yet Another Request

As you know, your ol’ pal Dave will on occasion make unusual requests and thrust them upon the world via this here blog. And as is usually the case, the world tends to ignore him.

But here’s one that I beg will be heard and subsequently followed: Comic Sans must die.

No seriously, that font serves no purpose. It’s not creative, not eye-catching and, quite frankly, isn’t appealing even when used for stuff that is aimed at kids. It doesn’t look good in print, when used in a graphic or as <body> text on Web sites. And if you do use it, you run the risk of being ridiculded by those that know better than to use that ugly-ass font.

In case you need a refresher, here’s what Comic Sans looks like:


And to see just how incredibly awesome Comic Sans looks when used online, check this out.

So please, world, just stop using this atrocity of a font. There are so many other attractive, easy-to-read and more professional fonts to choose from that there’s no reason why Comic Sans should ever be used by anyone, even as a last resort–ever!

Oh, and going back to my old blog started back in 2004, this is my 500th blog post. Thanks to everyone who tunes in and listens to me blab about everything and nothing.

Here’s to another 500!

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2 thoughts on “Yet Another Request

  1. Say it ain’t so! And you did calligraphy, my friend? NOOOO!

    And yes, our turkey day was most outstanding. Hope yours was as well. We had very little leftovers but that didn’t stop the scale from going up a pound or two…oh well!


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