Blogging 365, Day 41: The Grammys Summarized

I’m making tonight’s post another brief one since I’m pretty much pooped out again. It’s just my take on tonight’s Grammy Awards.


It’s been years since I watched them because I can’t take all the fluff, all the nonsense and most importantly, all those long-winded self-ingratiating acceptance speeches.

Well, except for Steely Dan’s back in 2001. This is what they all should be like (scroll to about 1:00 of the clip):


2 thoughts on “Blogging 365, Day 41: The Grammys Summarized

  1. I agree…I watched bits and pieces of it this year as it was on at a friend’s house. All you really missed was Katy Perry’s boobs. That was a sight to see for all man and woman kind.


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