And That’s How It Ended

It seems like I write these posts all too often and when I do, they always seem to bring me down. This is the one time that I refuse to do that. It was at about 2:45 pm on Friday when I saw one of the ladies from my staffing agency/employer walk in the building. … Continue reading And That’s How It Ended


Why I Can Never Visit Japan – Or Why I Must

On Saturday, Anthony had another golf event at a local golf course that we hadn’t been to. It was hosted by the SCGA, the organization that hosted the 100 Hole Marathon earlier in the year. After the event (where he was complimented on his form/stroke by a PGA pro instructor), we decided to head over … Continue reading Why I Can Never Visit Japan – Or Why I Must

Releasing My Inner Rock Star

On Friday night, I did something for the first time: karaoke. Me and a coworker I will call Lola (her Facebook pseudonym) had planned this night at least a month ago and invited a handful of fellow office drones to come along for the ride. We figured it would be a great time and a … Continue reading Releasing My Inner Rock Star

Twenty Years Ago

Ah, 1993. Grunge was slowly taking over the airwaves, Prince made a huge marketing blunder my changing his name to a symbol and most importantly, I meet a then-teenager by the name of Ann. She sort of came out of nowhere when I think about it. While driving home from work, I happened to come … Continue reading Twenty Years Ago

Slippery When Wet

On Saturday, I decided to take the family out to a local spot that I had frequented as a kid but they had never been before. The tide pools at White Point Park in San Pedro, CA are simply amazing. Not only is the scenery beautiful but so are the creatures that call it home: … Continue reading Slippery When Wet