It Ain’t Happening

It’s been exactly one month since my former employer gave me the ol’ boot on the ass due to budget cuts. And since then, I’ve been in touch with a former coworker who continues to give me a rundown of what’s going on which mostly surrounds my abrupt and, what many deem unnecessary, layoff. I’ve … Continue reading It Ain’t Happening


Is It Me Or…

I was driving down the street today, just minding my own business, when I stopped at a red light. Next to me was a Long Beach Transit hybrid bus. These buses have been a part of their fleet for quite some time now and the observation I’m about to point out never really occurred to … Continue reading Is It Me Or…


As I continue to wallow through the doldrums of unemployment and continuously applying for even the most menial jobs, I get word from a former coworker about the status of Former Employer. Basically, the questions surrounding my layoff are still being brought up nearly three weeks later and yet there are no answers. Work is … Continue reading Karma

Adventures in Unemployment

I figured I’d write about this topic since its taken on the form of a sitcom. I could be writing about my awful, almost-in-tears-with-pain stomach virus that I contracted last Sunday but I won’t. All I’ll say is that I went to the doctor today, he confirmed it was  a virus, he prescribed me some … Continue reading Adventures in Unemployment

I Feel Loved

Okay folks, it was an interesting day to say the least. First of all let me cut to the chase. I signed a confidentiality agreement with the studio and therefore cannot divulge any information regarding intricacies of today’s shoot. But what I can say is this: you will see me – a lot. This is, without … Continue reading I Feel Loved