“Better Times Lie Ahead”

“Better times lie ahead.” That’s a quote from an Android dev whom I emailed regarding an app they created. I donated a few dollars since I use the app all the time and said that I would give more if I could but unemployment sort of prevents me. He truly deserved my donation since the … Continue reading “Better Times Lie Ahead”


Finding Happiness

Here I am at age 44, unemployed and not entirely sure in which direction my life will be going next. But I’m happy. Very happy, in fact. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine tonight about what it takes to achieve personal happiness. And the one thing we both agreed on was … Continue reading Finding Happiness

Adventures in Unemployment, Part 2

First and foremost, I’m on yet another Facebook break. I’m not posting anything over there but will approve and accept all Candy Crush Saga requests. So to all of my Facebook friends, no, you won’t see me for a bit but I will happily take all the Candy Crush help I can get. Secondly, if … Continue reading Adventures in Unemployment, Part 2