At the Ballpark

We drove down to San Diego to watch the Dodgers play the Padres. All I can say is that this is a beautiful ballpark. Gonna go check things out in a few. This was part of an event held by the University of Phoenix Alumni Association of which Ann is a member. Aside from gas … Continue reading At the Ballpark

“Dodgers Suck”

Although my city of residence is closer to Anaheim than Los Angeles, I am a Dodgers fan and always will be. Nothing will change that. But there are some in the area who choose to make that stadium in Anaheim and its team of residence – the one with an identity crisis that can’t choose … Continue reading “Dodgers Suck”


Today, I received a LinkedIn connection request from a coworker still working at my former employer. I think I had spoken to this person only a few times at length and to be quite honest, I was only doing it to be cordial. There wasn’t much else to say to this person as far as … Continue reading LinkedOut

I’ll Never Part With You

Me and my old iPod Video have been through a lot. Heck, I remember the day I bought it and how, up to the minute I walked to the register to pay for it, I was still contemplating buying the Zen Vision:M (but they were out of stock). But in the end I felt I … Continue reading I’ll Never Part With You