A Timeline

September 2003: We see Anthony for the first time. March 30, 2004: Anthony born. (By the way, I'm no longer that big.) March 2005: 1 year old, first birthday party. 2006: 2 years old, Easter Egg hunt. 2007: 3 years old, Disneyland. 2008: 4 years old, Las Vegas, NV. 2009: 5 years old, MTA train, … Continue reading A Timeline


Free Birthday Crap

With the Big Four-Three just a week way, my Yahoo! inbox is slowly but surely being inundated with the usual fare of free birthday offers and other crap. This year, however, I’ve noticed that some companies are being a lot less generous with their offerings. Take Best Buy’s RewardZone of which I’m a member. It’s … Continue reading Free Birthday Crap

Year 42

Yesterday, I began my 42nd year on this often cruel material sphere. And for the most part, it was good. Except for the splitting migraine or sinus headache that started on Sunday when we came home from Disneyland (which makes me wonder if there is a direct correlation). I took what I believed to be … Continue reading Year 42


You see the time of this post? It was at that exact time six years ago when my life changed. I went from some guy with little or no direction in my life to Daddy, a man with...still little or no direction in his life. And it was all caused by this little bundle of … Continue reading 6!

Good Morning?

*wakes up* So this is what it's like to be 40... *looks around* Fcuk it, I'm going back to bed 🙂