Maybe It’s Just Me

From initial thought to final product, a lot of work goes into the creation of an item whether it’s a car or a product in the frozen food section at your local Walmart.

And that’s where I saw this…lovely item.

File Sep 13, 4 43 58 PM

These are Aunt Jemima Griddle Melts and as is obvious by the gigantic burst at the top-right of the packaging, they are a new item.

Now let’s go back the first sentence of this post: the work involved when creating a product. Crammed somewhere in the middle of all that is taste-testing and even aesthetics. It takes a ton of people, internal and external, to finally get an item to market.

All of that said, you mean to tell me that not ONE person involved in the process of the creation of Aunt Jemima’s Griddle Melts even stepped back to look at these things and say, “Hey, don’t you think these look a little like vomit on a slice of toast?”

With that thought in mind, there’s no way I’d buy these things. Besides, a bowl of cereal is enough to get my day going. I’m just not into greasy, heavy food for breakfast anymore and that’s exactly what these things look like they are.

Well, that and vomit toast.