Busy Weekend

Alright, here’s a quick summary.

Friday night we took Anthony out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with the local kiddies. We shared some goodies at a neighbor’s house when it was all said and done, and I couldn’t help but notice the lack of people out this year. Maybe it’s because this Hallowe’en was on a Friday and they all went out partying but in either case, we made it home with all sorts of booty, which Ann and I are still “testing” if you know what I mean.

Saturday saw us in Los Angeles, or Olvera Street to be exact. I had never gone to see any of the Dia de los Muertos decorations so I figured since the day falls on a Saturday this year, we’re gonna check it out. We did and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. We ate some fantastic Mexican food, ate some Pan de Muerte, and bought Anthony some Mexican Jumping Beans. He was also more than entertained on the train ride to Union Station, which is directly across the street from Olvera Street. Then we saw some dude lying next a trash can in a pool of his own vomit. (I love L.A.!) Pictures can be seen here, but not of Vomit Man.

Sunday we stayed home and had lunch with my mom and Ann’s parents.

And after that we cleaned up the backyard and nearly burned down the house. It’s a long story I’d rather not get into, so I’ll leave it there.

So…how did yours go?

The Weekend

I’m writing this post at the Mariposa Avenue Green Line station. Wait, here comes my train.

*fights away a few people*

Okay, on the train.

Anyhow, the weekend is here again and it looks like we’ve got nothing planned beyond a trip to South Coast Plaza, one of Orange County’s more upscale malls (next to Fascist Fashion Island in Corona del Mar). We promised Tony a trip to the toy store there so now we have to deliver. Besides, it gives me an excuse to sneak by Micro Center which is right around the corner. It’s Geek Heaven.

Other than that, it looks like a few days of a lot of nothing. I’m over this cold or whatever it was I had so I’m happy. I feel 100% better than I did a few days ago and Tony…you’d never know that boy was running a fever and barfing during that time. Kids rebound from illnesses amazingly well.

And sweet baby Jesus, it smells like burning rubber in this train. My eyes are burning. I think the person next to me smoked a cigarette made by Uniroyal or something.

I also think some Rock Band 2 is order. And this isn’t a knock on Billy Corgan’s vocal range, but Tony only failed once when he sang “Today.”

Keep in mind he’s four–and can’t quite read yet. Take that as you will!

Have a good one, peeps!

The Weekend and More

Well, holy crap! It’s another weekend and it’s now August. Where in the hell did the month of July go?

I have no idea so I guess it was pretty well spent around these parts.

Anyway, here’s the weekend slate. Note that I don’t give specific days because I have no idea when any of this will be happening. That’s how I roll sometimes.

But if anything takes priority, it’s going to be getting a haircut–seriously. When it starts to get thick and I need more than three goops of hair gel to tame it, then it’s definitely time. And it’s at that point right now.

Another trip to the Orange County Fair may also be in order since it’s over on Sunday! Noooo! We’ve only been once this year and it was a lot of fun, but I guess I’m kind of over it. If anything, Ann and I had planned on going sans kid since we tend to spend a lot more money with him in tow. Imagine that…!

Oh, and remember post sometime last week when I said that we had canceled our Las Vegas trip? Well, it’s officially on again. We broke down things even further and realized that we could save up enough money if we started now, and that’s what we’ve done. And c’mon, if you had the chance to stay in a joint like this for free, would you pass it up?

Didn’t think so. She’s also planning on buying show tickets well in advance: Titanic, Bodies, and a real showgirls show which she’s been dying to see since forever (and being a guy, I wouldn’t mind seeing myself).

All of which leads to this. Since we plan on spending almost a week there, we’re practically going to live on foods that are less than healthy. Therefore, I’m going to step up the weight loss program a bit and make the following proclamation: I am going to lose my remaining 12.7 lbs. and be at 200 lbs. before we go on our Vegas trip in October.

That’s months ahead of schedule but I’m going to do it–just you watch me. The last thing I want to do is be somewhere near my goal then take this trip, gain weight, and have to lose it all over again. I’d rather get to my goal first and then shed the pounds when I get back. It’ll work.

That’s all. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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Weekend Madness!

It looks like this weekend is going to be busy! Here’s the rundown:

1. Take delivery of our new spa, arriving at 9 a.m. sharp. It will be interesting to see how in the hell they intend to snake that thing down the side of the house and into the backyard. Pictures to be posted once it’s all over and done.

2. Get [reading] glasses repaired at optometrist. At first they only had a tendency to slide down the bridge of my nose which I dealt with until I could take them in to get fixed. Then one time while they were sliding I pushed them back up and saw the little nosepad fall right off into the darkness that is the underside of my desk. I retrieved the pad but the screw was gone. Now I have no choice but to get them repaired and hopefully resized a bit. My head isn’t that big, people. (Physically, at least.)

3. Attend my aunt’s 84th birthday. It will be a pool party and many relatives I hadn’t seen since my aunt’s 80th birthday will be there. Good times and good food.

Recover from Saturday’s activities. That’s about it, unless we decide to rip out the rest of the carpeting in our room and Anthony’s room.

And we might even enjoy the spa, too.

See you Monday!

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The Weekend!

Another Friday is upon us! Got anything cooking?

About the only thing I currently have planned is spending some time with a friend of mine that is visiting from Japan, where he teaches English. I used to work with him at my last photo lab job and even back then he was committed to moving to Japan upon graduating from college.

And I’ll be damned if he didn’t do just that. So congrats, Dave. Not many of us do what we say, and I’m completely jealous.

I had requested that he bring all of us a little something from Japan to which he obliged, so who knows what we’ll end up with. (C’mon, Mr. Sparkle box…) And since he’s also a gamer, chances are the night he visits will be Game Night. Should be fun.

There are no other concrete plans for this weekend, save for possibly posting a few entries at my other blog, which seems to be getting more and more neglected lately. Actually, aside from the Weekly Weigh-Ins, there hasn’t been much to say. But I thought I’d better tend to it soon–I heard it whimpering the other night as if somebody kicked it in the nuts.

That’s about all I gots for now. Make it a safe weekend and see you here again on Monday!

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