On Monday it was well over 100 degrees; today we get rain. Go figure. And God, I love my polarizing filter. You wouldn't be able to see much of the double rainbow without it.

Two Cats, One Box

What were you thinking? It's just Ozzie and Monte doing...something in a cardboard box. Happy Caturday!

Christmas in May

Real quickly, here's where the family will be heading today. And if you're in L.A. or visiting, you should check it out since it's free! Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour starts at Union Station and begins its trek across the U.S. on Tuesday. If you've got out-of-town visitors, get them on the MTA and … Continue reading Christmas in May


The Root of the Matter

Being that today was such a fantastic day, we spent a good portion of it outside in the backyard attempting to make it a bit more appealing. The place looked so damn good the first time we gutted everything and planted new stuff but since Hurricane Arliss came to town, the place went to Hell. … Continue reading The Root of the Matter

Happy Easter, Everybody

The Kid inspects the loot an at Easter Egg Hunt in Los Alamitos, CA. There were over 10,000 eggs up for grabs and by the time the kids ran through there it was a mess--and not one egg left. Have a great day, all 🙂