The Cost of Saving the Environment

Trust me, with The Kid watching Nickelodeon frequently, the last live-action show I want to watch is Nick’s iCarly. But this scene made me LOL to no end.

The episode “iGo Nuclear” was shown this last Earth Day and tried to stress the importance of things everybody can do to help the environment. In this [edited] scene, Carly feels the wrath of the common folk. Her first run-in is what was shown on the promos and what made me laugh to the point of crying. Check it out (before it gets pulled):

It’s 2009! Kids know what hippies are? My God, that’s freaking classic right there, and I commend the writers for coming up with something so hilarious. I’m sure every kid that watched that episode went running to their folks asking, “What’s a hippie?”

And I gotta admit that every time I strap my bike helmet on and go for a ride, that scene is running through my mind…