Class of 2022

When our son Anthony was born in 2004, also the year I began blogging, I started to ask myself some questions with one of the first ones being when he would be graduating high school. So I pulled out a calculator — it was 2004 and smartphones were still years away — and did the … Continue reading Class of 2022

Time Keeps Flowing Like A River

Way back in June 2010, this little guy donned his handmade mortarboard and in a small ceremony in his school auditorium, he and all his other kindergarten schoolmates were officially bestowed the title of First Grader. So little was he that in order for me to take this picture, I had to crouch down to … Continue reading Time Keeps Flowing Like A River

Blogging 365, Day 11: I’m Still Standing

Back in my high school days, the Walkman as well as a myriad of knock-offs were en vogue. They were our version of the iPod if the iPod was large, ugly, had a short battery life and could only carry one album at a time on a cassette. Despite it all, we managed and were … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 11: I’m Still Standing

This. Is. Not. Funny.

I often wonder why some stories make the news or some stuff goes viral. And I guess I’m not helping by publicizing it here but anyway… Take the story of these girls who, according to everyone on the Internet (or at least Yahoo!), pulled the “best yearbook prank ever.” In case you missed it, here … Continue reading This. Is. Not. Funny.