Blogging 365, Day 11: I’m Still Standing


Back in my high school days, the Walkman as well as a myriad of knock-offs were en vogue. They were our version of the iPod if the iPod was large, ugly, had a short battery life and could only carry one album at a time on a cassette. Despite it all, we managed and were happy campers.

But our teachers hated them. So much, in fact, that I seem to recall them saying this phrase over and over during my high school years:

You keep listening to that thing like that and you’ll be deaf by the time you’re 40!

I suppose that was meant to deprive us of our happiness. It never seemed to work.

So here I am about a month from my 44th birthday, sitting with earbuds in my ears listening to my iPod which carries my entire music collection on it and can fit in my pocket.

I can still hear just fine. Most of my high school teachers are now dead.

I think it’s clear to see who won this battle.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 365, Day 11: I’m Still Standing

  1. There’s actually a group on Facebook for students and teachers from my high school who have passed. No stalking necessary 🙂 And hey, I’m still friends with my high school photography teacher!


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