Change Is Good

While I despised my time at Ralphs, I must admit that some of their perks were slightly worth the trouble. Slightly. The major one, of course, was health benefits for myself and Anthony that set me back maybe $7 every week. If I had hung around there long enough to add Ann then they would … Continue reading Change Is Good

How Could You?

If you’re one of those who has a ton of pictures on your phone and is afraid to transfer/delete them, this post is for you. As we speak (or as I type – your preference), I am backing up the 150+ pictures that currently reside on my phone. The 100-150 mark is my usual limit; … Continue reading How Could You?

Virgin Mobile to Sell iPhone on June 29

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all day, you’ve no doubt heard about Virgin Mobile’s earth-shattering yet not entirely unexpected plan to finally bring the iPhone to the U.S. (it’s been in other markets for quite some time now). It will be sold at Virgin Mobile's site, Radio Shack, Best Buy and "select local … Continue reading Virgin Mobile to Sell iPhone on June 29

Musical Questions to Ask Siri

I wouldn’t know this from personal experience but the word is that iPhone’s Siri function is pretty amazing because it seems to know mostly everything. Kinda scary. But as an Android user (and someone who refuses to pay a lot of money for a data plan and excessive minutes I’ll never use), I don’t and … Continue reading Musical Questions to Ask Siri

Cool iPhone App for Hallowe’en

...or to just chill with. If you've got an iPod Touch or iPhone and are looking for a way to spookify your upcoming Hallowe'en party, annoy your idiot neighbors or scare the bejesus out of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, you're in luck this year. Let me show you Easy Relax, a cool app I found the other … Continue reading Cool iPhone App for Hallowe’en