Cool iPhone App for Hallowe’en

…or to just chill with.

If you’ve got an iPod Touch or iPhone and are looking for a way to spookify your upcoming Hallowe’en party, annoy your idiot neighbors or scare the bejesus out of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, you’re in luck this year.

Let me show you Easy Relax, a cool app I found the other day on iTunes. This app does nothing more than play different preloaded sounds such as air, wind, ocean, rain, or just plain old white noise. If you’re the type of person that sometimes finds it difficult to fall asleep without some kind of background noise, and you have a clock radio with an iPod dock, you will dig this app!

Unlike another free app I had downloaded, Easy Relax allows you to combine one background noise with as many as three other ambient sounds. For example, I made one for Hallowe’en that consists of heavy rain and thunder as the background noise, and chimes, strong wind and a corbie/raven as the ambient sounds. (Note: even with the free version you can adjust the level and frequency of each ambient sound for complete personalization.) The result was nothing more than amazing and will be an excellent way to create the mood for that spooky night quickly approaching.

Hallowe’en aside, as it name implies, Easy Relax is a fantastic way to “escape” after a long day at the office or even to use while at the office when you just can’t decide what music you want to listen to next. In fact, I listened to this all day today while at work and didn’t even miss my music collection. Very relaxing.

About the only setback I’ve noticed with this app is that you can sometimes hear a dead air at the end of certain background noises before they loop, which can become annoying if you’re one of those that will notice it while trying to sleep (*raises hand*).

All in all, I really like Easy Relax 2.0 and was interested in buying the Ultimate version. But after reading its reviews, the Ultimate version appears to be more buggy and has less features than the free version, so I think I’ll pass on it.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and download it here (link requires iTunes):

So give it a shot, chill for a bit, and let me know what you think!

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