Space Shuttle Endeavour in Inglewood

It was about three weeks ago when I wrote a post about the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s tour of southern California and until yesterday, it was stationed at LAX where it was waiting to be removed from the transport jet and onto another vehicle for its final destination: the California Science Center.

For its ground travel, locals were discouraged from gathering to see the shuttle because it needed plenty of room to travel. We were lead to believe that it wasn’t going to be a parade; this was serious business.

But the pictures on the local news pretty much told the story: nobody was going to let this historic moment pass them by and I was one of them. Once I saw it was in Inglewood this morning I rushed the family out the door, stopped for some donuts, and headed out to see what we could see.

And the following shows just that. Enjoy!

Space Shuttle 008

Space Shuttle 009

Space Shuttle 010

Space Shuttle 014

Space Shuttle 015

Space Shuttle 020

Space Shuttle 021

Space Shuttle 030

Space Shuttle 022

Space Shuttle 033

Space Shuttle 036

Space Shuttle 035

Space Shuttle 038

So far I’ve seen it in the air and on the ground, and the family is looking forward to see it on display at the end of the month. It’s been an amazing trip and a lot of fun to watch.

What to Do?

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. You’re caught up on the laundry, the weather’s too cold for taking a dip in the jacuzzi, and you’re bored.

So what do you do? Isn’t it obvious?

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Snow Over Hollywood

Okay, so it’s not exactly near Hollywood but hey, it was a great sight to see.

In case you hadn’t heard, we here in southern California actually had real weather over the last few days. No really, we did: rain, wind, cold, etc. The temperatures have been way down in the high 30s–that’s like living in a freaking igloo to us–and now that I’m missing a couple layers of flubber the cold and damp mornings are even more cold and damp. (But thanks to Ann for knitting me a scarf to wear while I wait for the trains–thank you, wifey dearest 🙂 )

Anyway when we do finally have a system move through, it takes away all the brown sky from the downtown L.A. skyline and leaves a spectacular view.

Case in point is today’s picture taken from the train station (without color adjustments):


Click to enlarge

I had to pretty much max out the [digital] zoom in order to get the shot (which is why it is so fuzzy), but there’s the world famous Hollywood sign in front of a beautiful snow-capped mountain range, covered due to all this wet weather we’ve been having. In fact, all the mountains in the area have gotten a good layer of snow and it looks like this year’s visit to Big Bear will definitely be much whiter than last year’s trip!

Say what you want about living in southern California but on days like these, there are very few places I’d rather be.

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