Blogging 365, Day 52: Arliss and the Enchilada

Anthony mentioned this video to me today because he likes to mess with it and when you see it, you’ll know why.

Here’s the setup. This was shot back in 2009 after we finished eating dinner on the patio, a dinner consisting of enchiladas and a few side dishes. We had one enchilada left so I decided to have a little fun with it by setting up my camera and letting Arliss do his thing. He was begging the whole time during dinner so I figured I might as well let him have it.

I set the camera on the table, started the video, and left the enchilada on the table so that he knew it was there. I then went into the house and kept an eye on things from inside.

The result: Arliss having a nice dinner. Note that it’s quite for the first 50 seconds or so; the action takes place after that. I like how at 1:02 he looks into the house to see if I’m coming then at 1:09, he knows he busted.

He wasn’t really but it’s funny to see.

And why does Anthony like this so much? He enjoys making Arliss “barf up” the enchilada by dragging the marker backwards when he watches the video on Quicktime.

Yup. That’s my boy.

Blogging 365, Day 40: A Busy Day

The title of today’s post pretty much sums it up but I’ll break it down for you in words and pictures.

It started around 7:15 when I went for my morning run:


And I’m not saying it was cold this morning but here’s how the roof of my car looked when I stepped outside:


It’s not quite what the east coast is going through but for us thin-blooded Californians, this is plenty harsh. Oh, be quiet.

Once I got home and filled my body with the necessary nutrients, I took a shower and changed so that we could take Anthony to Lowe’s for today’s Build and Grow project, something called the Wheel of Love. It looks a little something like this:


This boy’s good with a hammer, I’ll tell you what. By the time we were done here it was around 10:30 and it was off to our next destination: a free health screening at a newly relocated medical center down the street from Lowe’s. Here’s a shot of me getting blood drawn for my glucose and cholesterol tests.


The bad news? They had to do it twice so I had to be poked again on my right hand. Apparently my blood was so strong that it broke the machine. Ahem. Anyway, the good news is that my results were outstanding:

  • Total cholesterol: 146 mg/dL which is well below what is considered desirable and puts me at less of a risk of getting coronary heart disease.
  • Glucose (non-fasting): 94 mg/dL, also perfectly acceptable and means I’m not diabetic.

The weird thing is that even when I was heavy, my levels were all at an acceptable level. That’s not to say that I don’t regret losing the weight but that genetics seems to play a bigger part in all of this. Losing the weight definitely brought the levels down, so low that even the nurse who gave me the results – he was about 30 pounds lighter – told me that my levels were better than his. Not too shabby.

While at the screening, I met KFI’s Tim Conway, Jr. He was there giving stuff away and greeting listeners. Here’s me and Anthony with Mr. Conway:


Funny guy just like his dad.

After the event we went home and relaxed for a bit but also gave Arliss a bath since the local Unleashed by Petco store was having low-cost immunizations. While waiting for the event to begin, we checked out some of the animals up for adoption and I have to admit that, even though I’m more of a cat person, this little doggie melted my heart because of her cuteness:


She was one heck of a dog and I hope she gets adopted real soon.

If all that wasn’t enough, our final trip of the day was to WinCo to get some groceries. And I gotta tell you, $100 goes a lot farther at that store versus our usual places. Sure, you have to bag your own groceries but that’s a hit I’m willing to take in order to get cheap stuff. We’re well-stocked for the week and beyond.

Side note: man, what did we do before cell-phone cameras? How else would we be able today’s action as well as life’s little “WTF?” moments, like this sign at WinCo’s bulk food section:


I don’t know about you but if I was to sample something from the bulk foods area, there are lots of better choices than rawhide chips. But maybe that’s just me.

And now it’s late and I’m tired. There’s little chance of me waking up early tomorrow to go for my usual Sunday morning bike ride since I’m still beat after this whirlwind day. I may just put it off until next week.

Other than this…we did absolutely nothing today 🙂

What to Do?

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. You’re caught up on the laundry, the weather’s too cold for taking a dip in the jacuzzi, and you’re bored.

So what do you do? Isn’t it obvious?

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Un Chien Pétomane

This last year has been interesting to say the least.

For it was about a year ago when our dog Arliss entered our lives. It’s been fun, infuriating, annoying, enjoyable, tiring, and downright frustrating at times when it came to training that animal. All this comes after years of being–completely satisfied, I might add–an owner of two cats.

Although Arliss has definitely calmed down since arriving, he still has his moments–like when he serenades us with his nightly rectal symphony.

Arliss, you see, can be quite gassy. Okay, never mind. He’s flat-out gassy. He farts like no other dog I’ve ever owned and when he does, sweet baby Jesus, the stink is terrible. I mean Foul with a capital f.

He doesn’t care who’s visiting, who’s sitting next to him or who he offends. The dog just lets them fly with so much reckless abandon that at times I’ve been tempted to cork him.

But last night, my friends, was absolutely the worst night our flatulent dog has ever had.

Anthony didn’t finish his dinner so I decided to give it to Arliss. (Note: I don’t normally feed the dog “human food” as I’m not one of those crazy dog owners that takes their animal everywhere and treats it like a child. Those that do are psycho.) I guess you might think this was all fine and well until you consider what we had for dinner last night: pasta with pesto sauce and broccoli.

Yeah. Stupid me. So you could say that what I’m about to tell you was all my fault.

We got to bed about 11 p.m. since getting Anthony to sleep was a bit of a struggle. Once we hit the sack we were pretty much out. And then it began.

At about 1 a.m. a loud noise woke me up. I sat up in bed groggy and waited to see if I heard it again. And you bet I did. It was the sound of Arliss dead asleep on Ann’s side of the bed (on the floor), farting away. But these were not ordinary dog farts.

They were loud. Hell, they woke me up. The were also extended remixes of his normal releases, some sounding like those I myself might even rip after a night of eating food I no longer eat. No, they definitely weren’t the kind he usually eeps out in his sleep, but unlike his standard flatulent escapades, they weren’t smelly. For that I am truly thankful. I tried to go back to sleep after realizing what the noise was but I was just laughing to hard.

I guess if there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s not to feed your dog broccoli no matter how much be begs, pleads, or gives you the puppy-dog eyes.

Well, you can. But be prepared for a noisy night. You’ve been warned.


* Today’s post title was inspired by the Luis Buñuel movie Un Chien Andalou (WARNING! Graphic visual in trailer!) and French “fartiste” Le Petomane