An Early Morning

Taken this morning with my phone somewhere around 4:30 am as I waited for the MTA train in Long Beach, California. I rode in the Long Beach Marathon Bike Tour for the third year in a row and took the train to avoid the parking crowds. This post will hold you over until write the … Continue reading An Early Morning


Election Night Chaos

Election Night Chaos, originally uploaded by aeromat. Train service delayed and people are not happy. This is the mess I'm currently stuck in. Polls close in 2.75 hours. I better make it. Update later. UPDATED 7:30 p.m.: The picture you see above is not exactly an accurate representation of what was going on at the … Continue reading Election Night Chaos

People on the Train

I am a slave to the public transportation system of the City of Los Angeles. I commute to work every day on the Blue Line and Green Line light rail trains, save for those times for when I need a break from backpacks being shoved into my chest; the smell of cocoa butter, weed and … Continue reading People on the Train

Going Metro Pays Off!

Anybody that reads this blog on a regular basis knows that for as much as I praise the benefits of riding Los Angeles' MTA light rail system, I have just as many complaints. Today's entry definitely falls under the former. An e-mail was sent to everybody here in the office this morning and man, I … Continue reading Going Metro Pays Off!

Just Another Day in L.A.

My ride home was delayed today because of "police activity." Here it is @ the MTA Green Line/Blue Line transfer point. Don't know what the activity was just yet.