Pfft. Whatever.

Hello folkses. It’s your friendly neighborhood blogger back to spill his guts about how life has been treating him lately. In this episode, I talk about a few things with the first being my overall mental state. For the last week, all I can say is that I have felt better. I just wanted to … Continue reading Pfft. Whatever.

Copy That

I tend to consider myself a multi-tasker in that I can do many different things but not necessarily all at the same time. And if you know me just from what I write about here, you may be somewhat surprised with what it is I can do without any difficulty. For example, did you know … Continue reading Copy That


    You know, there are certain signs once should heed. It could be one of those instinctive things that your gut just naturally tells you not to do or it could be one incident that might just eventually lead to a chain of catastrophic events. Mine came a few weeks ago and yes, I … Continue reading Signs

On the Cheap, Part Deux

Several posts ago, I was practically bragging about how I was getting a bunch of stuff for nothing or practically nothing. Well, I thought I’d take a moment to update you on all of this. Lips (MSRP): $49.99 My cost (with Points and tax): $10.83 Savings: $39.16 Bad planning on Microsoft’s part has prevented me … Continue reading On the Cheap, Part Deux

On the Cheap

You know, your ol' pal Dave considers himself to be pretty frugal, especially now when spending more than $30 for anything seems incredibly irrational. That's why I've been pretty excited to be getting some goodies for practically nothing, and here's how. As a member of Microsoft ExpertZone (membership required), a site designed exclusively for resellers of … Continue reading On the Cheap