On the Cheap

pink_piggy_bank-735041You know, your ol’ pal Dave considers himself to be pretty frugal, especially now when spending more than $30 for anything seems incredibly irrational. That’s why I’ve been pretty excited to be getting some goodies for practically nothing, and here’s how.

As a member of Microsoft ExpertZone (membership required), a site designed exclusively for resellers of Microsoft products, I take quizzes and get points redeemable for all sorts of merchandise. After a recent site redesign, I had to re-register, got a cool 1,000 points and used 500 (plus $10 cash) for a copy of Lips for Xbox 360. So…

Lips (MSRP): $49.99
My cost (with points and tax): $10.83
Savings: $39.16

Another ExpertZone offering was a free copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Standard Edition upon the successful completion of an Office product course, so after taking that course and passing it…

Office 2007 Standard Edition (MSRP): $399.95 (full version)
My cost: $0
Savings: $399.95

Granted I already have a copy of Office 2007 but I’m sure I can use this one on the laptop or the other computer–or Ann can take it to her office. Either way, free is free!

And then there’s e-Rewards, where I take surveys, get actual dollar amounts which can buy gift cards, magazine subscriptions, or online discounts for various retailers. Right now, I’m working on my 2nd $50 level for a $25 GameStop gift card, which I will be using to buy The Beatles: Rock Band. And did anyone mention that this is going to be the greatest video game ever?

The Beatles: Rock Band (MSRP, game only): $59.99
My cost (after two $25 GameStop gift cards from e-Rewards): $10 plus tax
Savings: $50

See, the whole game thing is gonna work out. I figure that Lips comes with two wireless microphones which, if the rumors are correct, will work with TB:RB. So the way I look at it, ten bucks for a new game and two microphones is an incredible deal!

Want in on this? Well, I can’t help you with the ExpertZone membership, but here’s a link to the GameStop/e-Rewards Invitation-Only site. This is the only way you can get GameStop gift cards through e-Rewards; the regular site does not offer them. I’ve been a member for years and have had no problems with them whatsoever.

The final tally: $20 or so for almost $510 (MSRP) of merchandise.

Not too shabby, eh?

UPDATE: With the money I saved, I just renewed my Flickr Pro account so all previous links to said account that were inactive are not now active again 🙂

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4 thoughts on “On the Cheap

  1. Congratulations on your frugality. I don’t play any of those games so there’s no real benefit for me. (Although a free copy of Microsoft Office 2007 would surely be cool.)


  2. Yeah I don’t play those either but it makes him happy 🙂
    I bought some scrapbook die cuts for $9 and they are originally $150.
    So 2 of us can play that game 🙂


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