Blogging 365, Day 52: Arliss and the Enchilada

Anthony mentioned this video to me today because he likes to mess with it and when you see it, you’ll know why.

Here’s the setup. This was shot back in 2009 after we finished eating dinner on the patio, a dinner consisting of enchiladas and a few side dishes. We had one enchilada left so I decided to have a little fun with it by setting up my camera and letting Arliss do his thing. He was begging the whole time during dinner so I figured I might as well let him have it.

I set the camera on the table, started the video, and left the enchilada on the table so that he knew it was there. I then went into the house and kept an eye on things from inside.

The result: Arliss having a nice dinner. Note that it’s quite for the first 50 seconds or so; the action takes place after that. I like how at 1:02 he looks into the house to see if I’m coming then at 1:09, he knows he busted.

He wasn’t really but it’s funny to see.

And why does Anthony like this so much? He enjoys making Arliss “barf up” the enchilada by dragging the marker backwards when he watches the video on Quicktime.

Yup. That’s my boy.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 26: A Song You Can Play on An Instrument

I’ve had various keyboards over years and most of the time, they’ve laid untouched and collecting dust. But when I do sit and try to play them, I really am capable of making something that resembles music.

But it’s never my own composition. See, I can play by ear and play back just about anything I’ve heard after only a few tries. It takes a few more tries to polish it a bit but there will be no doubt about which song I am playing.

Today’s song is no exception. I taught myself how to play this one – Ann calls me “one of those people” – and I have to admit it’s pretty close to it. I won’t, however, sing along unless I’m alone. Maybe.

Depeche Mode – “Enjoy the Silence (Harmonium version)”

Note that I have no idea what’s going on between 2:41 – 3:14.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 25: A Song That Makes You Laugh

Why do they rock so hard?

That’s both a question and a title of an album by Reel Big Fish, the group who performed today’s featured song. In it, one of the guys discovers that the girl he once dated, well, doesn’t like guys anymore.

Still wanting her, he pleads:

Well, I never thought it would end like this
Just because I’ve got no tits
I’ll shave my legs, I’ll wear a bra
I’ll even cut my penis off for you

Um…wow. That’s pretty deep yet amusing at the same time. But hey, don’t let me tell the story. These guys do it much better.

Reel Big Fish – “She Has A Girlfriend Now”

Ozzie the Cat

We’ve had our cat Ozzie since we rescued him from a shelter as a little pup back in 1998. Now I say “pup” because when Ozzie was still a cute, lovable little kitten and not the hellion he is today, he used to act like a dog.

I kid you not. He would fetch, his meows seemed more like little barks, and overall he just didn’t act like a cat. Oh, and he didn’t—and still doesn’t have—reverse in his genes.

Ozzie, who also goes by Nozzie, Ozziekat, Pups, Ozzie D. Katt, Shithead and Dumb Cat, just to name a few, has a tendency to get himself into uncompromising positions in which backing out would be the only way to escape. But since he’s got no reverse, we usually have to rescue his dumb ass or he’ll just stand or sit there wondering what to do next.

But regardless of what we call him or how evil this little shit is, I continually tell Ann that she’s going to miss him when he finally goes to Kitty Hell. And there’s no doubt—that’s exactly where Ozzie’s going when he uses up that ninth live which by rights should have been exhausted years ago.

Now back to the dog thing. While most cats like to be gently stroked on the back, Ozzie will not eat his food until I aggressively and repeatedly pat his back area just before his tail. He also likes to lick—my chin, to be exact. Maybe not so much anymore since I’ve grown the goatee but before that, he’d sit there and lick it and then try to nibble it. Yeah, I know he’s a turd.

I now offer you video proof of his doglike behavior. Check out the Flip Video:

While Ozzie does like his cat toys, the one thing that brings him great joy is the twist-off ring from a gallon of milk or, as we call them, “milk twisties.” For some strange reason he loves to fetch them and as you can see on the video, chew. He never used to chew on them until his innocent sister Cindy—six years his senior and the “good cat”—started to do it. Shame on her.

Ozzie’s also a bit reclusive when he wants to be. While Cindy will gladly lay on or near somebody, Ozzie prefers to sleep someplace odd like on the cutting board, the catbox, or a bag. Yeah, I know cats are strange to begin with but some of the things he does are just a little…unexpected.

But despite it all, we love that little shit and that’s what makes Ozzie, Ozzie.

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Disneyland Shooting Gallery Goes Nuts

We got to Disneyland at 8 a.m. on Sunday so we could enjoy what we thought would be a relatively “quiet” day in the Park.

And for the most part, it was. Hey, I got to sit in the front seat on Splash Mountain and there was no line, either. In fact, while walking through Frontierland I decided I’d stop to take a picture of the shooting gallery. I figured that since there was not one person playing the game and it’s usually pretty crowded otherwise, this would be the perfect opportunity to get the shot.

So I stood there, took aim and pressed the shutter. And that’s when it happened.

At the firing of the flash, every animated object every sound was triggered. Every owl animal was howling, every horn on every bull’s skull was a-spinning. Thinking it was rather comical, I grabbed my other camera* and shot this clip:

The whole thing reminded me of episode of The Simpsons when the family goes to Itchy and Scratchy Land and the robots go crazy with the camera flashes. Now, I could have stood there and throughly entertained myself for hours on end but hey, The Kid wanted to go see Jack Skellington’s Haunted Mansion Holiday and I can’t blame him for that.

A few passersby were also getting laugh out of it so I wasn’t the only one being entertained by the shenanigans.

So the next time you go to Disneyland/Disney World, give it a try. Just, you know, make sure there are no Disney Cops around when you do.

* A rare occasion. We usually only take one camera.

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