Blogging 365, Day 10: 20 Completely Random Songs On My iPod

I’m going to hit Shuffle on my iPod and see what plays. No skipping for a better (or less embarrassing) song; you will get the real deal. I will embed the videos if they are on YouTube and if they cannot be embedded then I will link to them, or hyperlink as we used to … Continue reading Blogging 365, Day 10: 20 Completely Random Songs On My iPod

There Are No Words…

Just watch the video.

Proof that YouTube Has Everything

Wow, what an amazingly horrible picture that is. But alas, it is part of my history and a reminder of those two years when I worked at Knott’s Berry Farm, America’s Oldest Themed Amusement Park (or so the recording outside the ticket booths spewed every two minutes). Even though it was a part-time job, I … Continue reading Proof that YouTube Has Everything

Going Social

Whilst spending what seems like an eternity roaming around this vast Series of Tubes, I suddenly had an epiphany: I'm all over the place. No, not so much in they way that I just described but leaning more towards social networking sites. And being that I haven't had too much to blog about recently, I … Continue reading Going Social

Ozzie the Cat

We’ve had our cat Ozzie since we rescued him from a shelter as a little pup back in 1998. Now I say “pup” because when Ozzie was still a cute, lovable little kitten and not the hellion he is today, he used to act like a dog. I kid you not. He would fetch, his … Continue reading Ozzie the Cat