Blogging 365, Day 10: 20 Completely Random Songs On My iPod

I’m going to hit Shuffle on my iPod and see what plays. No skipping for a better (or less embarrassing) song; you will get the real deal.

I will embed the videos if they are on YouTube and if they cannot be embedded then I will link to them, or hyperlink as we used to say back in the early ‘90s.

Then again, we also used the term cyber a lot back then too. Hey it sounded cool.

And here we go. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss about an hour of your life goodbye!

1. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles (The Big Lebowski soundtrack) – Captain Beefheart

2. All Time High – Rita Collidge (Octopussy soundtrack)

3. Putting on the Ritz (extended version on iPod; not on YouTube) – Taco

4. Left of Center (Pretty in Pink soundtrack) – Suzanne Vega

5. Look Out, There’s A Monster Coming – The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (Craig Ferguson cold intro version shown here; found while searching and I couldn’t stop laughing)

6. Fantasy Overture (Romeo and Juliet) – Tchaikovsky

7. Wie Glauben (The Big Lebowski soundtrack) – Carter Burwell

8. Love Me Two Times – The Doors

9. Misunderstanding – Genesis

10. Gemini Dream – The Moody Blues

11. Glycerine – Bush

12. Christmas Eve Montage (The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack) – Danny Elfman

13. Never Tear Us Apart – INXS

14. Black Head Chinaman – Prince Buster

15. Blue Tango – Leroy Anderson

16. Come Back – Depeche Mode

17. Birth (Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack)

18. Silver Things – Limbeck (Note: I used to work with lead singer Robb MacLean at a photo lab and their song “Stop Internet Romance” was featured in a 2000 iMac commercial. The money earned allowed them to buy their tour van.)

19. How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? – Pet Shop Boys

And finally…

20. Sugar on My Tongue – Talking Heads

There you have it. Watch for another post tomorrow!