Cripes, I’m Getting Old…

So I was watching VH1 Classic today and Pat Benatar’s video for “Fire and Ice” came on. And as usual, I watched it.

It’s not because I had a crush on Benatar. Well, okay, she did have one hell of a voice back in the day. The reason I still watch this video is simple: I’m in it.

Yeah, me. Way back in the 80s, my brother won tickets to this event from KFI when they were still a music station. It was on a little soundstage in Hollywood and the band performed at least four songs. A performance, not lip-sync. And it was pretty good.

At any rate, I believe it was me, my brother, and a few neighborhood friends who ended up going. We stood near the back of the crowd for some reason. I’m pretty easy to spot because I’m wearing an old Toronto Blue Jays hat. When the camera pans the crowd at about :32, you can see the top of the hat. Yeah, that’s me.

So there you have it. I get around, don’t I?