CSI: Lakewood (CA)

Yesterday while on lunch, I was on a quest: I had to find Tetris Evolution for XBOX 360.

Every place I checked was out of stock. Then I checked my local Best Buy’s inventory and yep, they had it. So I ordered it online and opted to pick it up in-store.

For the most part, it was an uneventful drive to the store which is in close proximity to the Lakewood Center. But while traveling down Lakewood Boulevard, I noticed something.

There were signs with arrows on them. All of them said “MIAMI” on top and bottom; all arrows pointing north. When I got to Del Amo, the arrows on the signs then pointed east.

Could it be?

I continued my cruise to Best Buy and signs kept guiding my way. By the time I got to the rear of the shopping center, I just kind of raised my eyebrows and mumbled, “Well, what the hell…”

You may recall a previous post in which I described in detail how the show CSI: Miami was being filmed at a location close to work, actually right behind my building. I took lots of pictures (now updated with all pictures taken) that day with my phone-cam.

Well, guess what? It happened again.

The crew of CSI: Miami was shooting at the Lakewood Center in the old/new, abandoned Macy’s building. I give it the old/new monicker since this Macy’s building was actually constructed before the merger with May Company. After the merger, Macy’s was moved to the existing May Company store, which unlike the former Macy’s, is attached to the mall. The new/old building now sits unused.

The biggest giveaways as to which show it was? I would have to say it was the two Hummers and the Miami-Dade ambulance–in California.

So I went to Best Buy, picked up my game, and went back to the location to see what was happening.

Pictures? Of course, there are pictures, but only a few since I was in a hurry to get home. These are slightly better than the previous one since these were taken with an actual camera, not phone. I chose to stuff Ann’s old Fuji Finepix camera in my backpack for cases such as this and it worked out really well.

The next time I see these guys, I’m asking for a job. Seriously.

Oh, and Tetris Evolution is a lot of fun. And my Gamercard on the lower right is now fully functional, thanks to MyGamerCard.net.