I’m Back

And I’m sure Dann would have wanted it that way.

So what’s new? Well, remember a few posts back I was debating about a new camera? I made my decision and here’s who won. I decided that I while I would have liked the fit-in-your-pocket convenience of an aim-and-shoot, I also wanted something that would shoot crisp images under just about all conditions. And being I’m familiar with using 35mm film cameras, I felt a DSLR was the way to go. I missed having all that control when shooting pictures.

Do I like it? Oh yes, I like it. I’ve started to upload them to Flickr so you can see my samples for yourself. There’s also my handy little Flickr widget on the lower right of this page. I’m still getting used to all its little bells and whistles but the most part, it’s just plain cool.

What else? Um…losing weight has been a battle. See, we had a party a few weekends ago, then we had Anthony’s party last weekend, then today we went to a birthday party for one of Anthony’s friends and of course, tomorrow is Easter. Not a good time for a diet but hey, I’m closing in on 25 lbs. lost so I’m pretty happy.

More to come. Ann made the Trader Joe’s Salsa Kit tonight and the onions from said kit are still burning my eyes.