Awesome ’80s 5k Run


Another month, another 5k in the books!

I ran the inaugural Awesome ‘80s Run on Saturday in beautiful Pasadena, California or more to the point, the Rose Bowl loop. I had contemplated long and hard about doing this one or the Conquer the Bridge event since I’m not exactly made of money and must choose between events most of the time. In the end, this event won and I’m glad it did.

As the name implies, the event was ‘80s themed with participants encouraged to dress in ‘80s fashion and believe me, the neon was out in force for this one. Well, maybe except for me:


But at least I have stories behind my outfit. The hat was from the 1984 Olympics which were held in Los Angeles, the shirt was from Depeche Mode’s 1988 concert at the Rose Bowl, and the Walkman (not visible) was the one I had in high school in 1986. The rest of the stuff was thrown together and were the best ‘80s-like items I had.

CAM01223At any rate, the vibe was excellent with everybody checking out each other’s outfits and costumes. I saw people dressed not only in ‘80s fashion but also ‘80s icons: Ghostbusters, Hulk Hogan, Boy George, Richard Simmons, and a few were even dressed up as Rubik’s Cubes and Simon games. It was amazingly cool, and there was even a replica Back to the Future Delorean you could get your picture with. To see some of the craziness yourself, click here to view their album on Facebook.

Okay, costumes aside, there was a 5k and 10k to run. Unfortunately there was a delay in getting the run going as the police had to limit the number of runners to 100 per pack. By the time I started going, it was almost an hour past the original starting time. Not cool but not something I’d cry over. It’s not like I had a job interview or anything.


By the time I started going, I realized that maybe standing around for too long may not have been good after all as I started cramping up before I hit 1/4 mile. But I persisted, told myself I was fine and kept going. Just keep going…uphill…

One of the big complaints with runners was the lack of water stations during this event. There was one at about the halfway point which worked out fine for me but apparently not with others. It’s turned into a great, big ugly discussion on the event’s Facebook page, complete with name-calling and profanity. There was also a lack of nutrition at the race’s end, something I wasn’t prepared for as every run I’ve done has had either fruit or bagels at the finish line. Simple advice even for me: people, always come prepared with your own just in case.

In the end, however, my experience was more positive than negative. I met a few friends there and we started off together but then separated about 1/2 mile into it. And hey, I also met someone who was also at the Depeche Mode show in 1988!


Sadly, she admitted to throwing out all of her shirts from that tour and offered to buy mine. Not for sale, I told her 🙂

Finishers got what will probably be one of the heaviest medals in the collection:


This medals is seriously thick, seriously heavy, and seriously cool! Despite a few glitches, the Superhero Events team – they are also responsible for the Hollywood Half events – provided a memorable event and venue, one that was a bit more nostalgic for myself and my fellow DM fan. You could tell that people were loving this event despite the fact that most were probably born in the ’90s.

I left the event with yet another medal for my wall and a yearning to go back to the ‘80s for only a moment to see if we actually did dress as hideous as we did that day.

But I think we know the answer to that.


Next event: Long Beach Marathon Bike Tour on October 7!

I Got a Wii Fit!

I’m a Wiik (ha!) late to the party, but I got my Wii Fit at Target this morning! Watch for an interesting follow-up later today.

UPDATE 7 p.m.: My experience at Target when purchasing my Wii Fit is about as interesting as anything.

I arrived a bit before their 8 a.m. opening time where the usual group of Hot Wheels Dorks was congregating in the hopes of finding the latest Treasure Hunt vehicles. When the doors opened, I bolted to the Electronics Department and stood in line.

That’s when things got, um, interesting. There were about two groups of men speaking in a foreign tongue that I could not decipher (or even take a guess at). And at the risk of offending anybody I won’t even venture to give their native tongue a name. But these guys all had a few things in common. They all:

  • Had California Reseller’s Permits, which means you’ll see plenty of overpriced Wii Fit units on the street real quick;
  • Worked in teams, speaking with their cohorts at a blazingly fast rate of speed during the checkout process so as to confuse the cashier(s);
  • Bought Target Gift Cards in addition to the units, one of them for $1,000;
  • Paid in cash;
  • Bought the same brand pre-paid cell phone with their Wii Fit unit.

It all seemed rather strange to me and their transactions were pure and utter chaos. One of them claimed he gave the cashier $150 and not the $120 she had tendered, one claimed he was charged too much, and once they were all done and trying to sort out their take in this little con, one of them actually tried to take the unit I was paying for as it was being rung up. By then I had had enough of their bullshit.

“That one’s mine, fucker,” I told the greedy bastard. His hand retracted quicker than he could speak.

So to the Electronics Department at Target T-195 in Long Beach, CA (my former store, BTW), if your registers are off at the end of the day, this could very well be the reason why. Those guys worked fast, talked fast, and seemed ready to swindle.

Anyway…I’ve only had a few minutes to spend with the Wii Fit. Here’s a few helpful hints:

  • If you have carpeting, place a piece of wood underneath for an accurate weight measurement. At first I weighed 146 (!) but after placing a piece of wood under the platform, it was correct.
  • The Weight Loss Goal only goes up to 22 lbs. so if you plan to lose more, you’ll have to start at 22 lbs. and once you reach that, start again with the remainder. In my case, it’ll be 22 lbs. plus another 10+ lbs.
  • I “jogged” and did the Hula Hoop exercise. It’d definitely fun!

I’m sure I’ll be adding more to my other blog so check it out for more info and results. I begin using it tonight so we’ll see how things go!


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The Vegas Trip

The title of tonight’s post should summarize everything.

We left Wednesday night at around 6:45 p.m., drove non-stop through the desert, and arrived in Las Vegas at about 10:30 p.m. Considering we drove 70 MPH maximum, that was pretty good time.

Once we got there, however, it was the usual Las Vegas Ritual that included finding a parking space (we used valet most of the time), checking in, finding the room (26th floor) and then lugging the suitcases to the room. We opted to have the bellhop bring them to the room since we had an extra person that, um, brought a suitcase filled with Hot Wheels.

Thursday saw us walking on The Strip and going to M&Ms World, seeing the lions at the MGM Grand and a few other things. We pretty much had to keep Anthony occupied since he was in a strange place–literally and figuratively. He did, however, have fun swimming in the Excalibur pool as did Mom and Dad.

Friday I attended the funeral in Boulder City, which is about 30 miles from Las Vegas. It was a military service so it was very honorable and humbling, and reminded me of my dad’s over 30 years ago. (An aside: both of our fathers fought in Korea.) Later that night we all went to dinner at Russ’ dad’s favorite Mexican restaurant which, I have to admit, was very, very good. The man had good taste.

We left Friday evening to avoid the mess of traffic we would surely become a part of. Not only that, Ann thinks our room was haunted. The first night, she felt somebody tap her on the shoulder and when she woke up, she saw Anthony lying beside her dead asleep. No biggie; she figured he did it in his sleep and forgot about it.

The second night her back was facing the wall–and she claims she felt somebody (or something) rub her shoulder! Now that freaked her out and I do have to admit, I did hear assorted noises in the room–26162 at the Excalibur if you’re keeping score–all night long.

Las Vegas is very pedestrian and after those few days of walking around, my knees definitely felt their age. In fact, I have my right one wrapped in a neoprene bandage right now. Ouch.

And finally, I have a picture to share with you all. I’m proud of it because it actually shows that I’ve lost some weight and believe it or not, I think I look thin. Well, thinner than I’ve looked in previous photos. Anyway, here you go.

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As a way to reward myself once again for making progress in dropping more weight, I went to Target today and purchased a new bathroom scale. And it’s pretty deluxe.

Not only does it give you your weight (duh) but also BMI, body fat and body water percentages, and bone mass. All of those are determined by your entered height and age. It also used semiconductors to measure your weight for the most accurate reading (or so the box reads). I figured hell, if I’m going to be serious I might as well splurge a bit. Once I figured it all out I stood on its glass platform to get my weight and lo and behold, it was lower than my previous plastic scale. A good investment indeed.

I also took today as an opportunity to dispose of my Fat Guy Pants by chucking in them in the local clothing donation bin. May they go to some good use.

You may have noticed the widget on the right side displaying several items. No, I haven’t sold out, I just wanted to throw out proper credit to those items and people that have made my progress possible or at least a bit more enjoyable. Nothing wrong with that now, is there?

And hey, I found a Micro SD card today at the park. I took it home to check it out and apparently they are images of somebody’s newborn baby taken with a cell phone. I already posted an ad on Craigslist in the hopes the owner will search there.

Since this is the Easter weekend I’ll probably take a few days off from ye olde blog to tend to all the festivities. See you on Monday.

Gah, This Sucks

While going from the Blue Line to the Green Line train today, I checked to make sure I had my ID holder which contains my monthly train pass, business card, and access keys to the building.

Before I approached the escalator I glanced down and yep, the ID holder was there. I tugged on it to make sure anyhow and I was safe just in case the MTA cops decided to hit me up for it.

But when I got to work, I reached for it to wave it at the access pad and *DUM DUM DUMMMM* it was gone.

Oh, rat farts.

I decided to trace my steps back to the train station to see if maybe, just maybe, it would be sitting somewhere just waiting for me to find it. But no such luck. My ID holder was gone, daddy, gone.

So now, unless through some miracle it happens to materialize, I have to pay $15 for a new access key and another $15 for the parking pass. (For the time being I was issued a temporary key.) I’m not too concerned about the parking pass since, well, I take the train to work. But there are times when I feel like driving or want to go for lunch somewhere the train can’t take me.

As for the pass, I think I’ll take a loss on it. April is almost up so I’ll only end up using it tomorrow, Friday and Monday. No big deal. But suffice it to say, if my ID holder is found, I’m guessing that any of the following will happen:

— The finder will take the pass and throw the keys away
— The finder will call me after they remove the pass
— The finder will not bother to call me at all

I even posted an ad on L.A.’s Craig’s List. Who knows.

(Update 04-27-07: I have since deleted the ad because I was getting nothing but bogus Friends requests for MySpace. My e-mail on record at MySpace isn’t the one posted on Craig’s List and none of this began until I posted the ad, so there you go. Sorry, cAmGurL wiTh HotTT B0oBieZ LooKIng 4 biG DudE. And as of this post, my ID holder has yet to be found.)

Oh, and my recent absence from posting was due to a really, really bad sinus headache. I swear, it felt like my eyes were going to explode and my temples were in an ever-tightening wrench. My head’s still a bit light but I’ll make it. This ill feeling also hindered my diet progress so things aren’t where I’d like them to be right now, but that’ll change soon.

And behold, Tipsy Fox:

Tipsy Fox

This was taken in Fillmore, CA on Saturday. I swore to Ann last year that I would get a picture of it this year. I did not let myself down.