Snagged: Audi R8 in U.S.

I was traveling east on Rosecrans Avenue in El Segundo, CA yesterday when two rows of ultra-bright LEDs appeared in my rearview. They appeared to be just below the headlights of a really flat, awesome-sounding car. (The only other car whose engine drone has made me drool was a Lotus Esprit, but this was really close.)

I’d never seen such a configuration before so I grabbed my phone-cam and waited for it to pass.

It turned out to be an Audi R8, the German carmaker’s first mid-engine entry, which is set to sell at over $100k in the U.S.

At any rate, here you go. Note the Euro plates beneath the CA dealer plates.

Audi R8

I cropped in on this shot since I didn’t have my camera that day. Figures, doesn’t it?