Ready for Recovery

What will it take for me to last two or three days in bed? Click on the image and read zee notes.

As one last hurrah, we’re heading to Disneyland tomorrow morning in the hopes The Kid can finally ride the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Personally, they won’t be able to get me near the thing. I have a problem with being squeezed into those subs with a lot of people and while I’m sure there’s adequate oxygen, I simply could never handle being “trapped” in there (even before the renovation). But get me on a rollercoaster and I’m beyond happy.

And yes, the Haunted Mansion is closed so that’s a bummer. But the payoff is indeed worth the few weeks of inconvenience: Haunted Mansion Holiday season is upon us! Additionally, today we purchased tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Treat which is always a good time. I’m looking forward to visiting just about every weekend once the Haunted Mansion revamp is complete since at this point, we’re only blacked-out the weekend of Thanksgiving and week of Christmas. Cool.

Because we will be out tomorrow, this may be the last post for at least three days since surgery is on Tuesday afternoon. But who knows–I may post just before I leave for the operation.

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