One Week Later

It was one week ago when I was lying in bed, head spinning at an alarming rate whenever I had to (slowly) move my frame out of bed and into the bathroom.

What a difference a week makes.

Today, I sit here with you and spill my proverbial guts about how I feel. And honestly, I feel pretty good. While there is still some soreness in the incision area and other parts of my body I’d rather not experience discomfort, all in all everything’s going well. I will visit with the surgeon tomorrow to see if he will remove the dressing and listen intently as he tells me when I should return to work.

Walking is still a chore but I’ve increased my pace considerably. It still takes a lot out of me and I’m still taking occasional naps between (grrr…) phone calls and (double-grrr…) unexpected visits. I can also rest the laptop on my lap without any discomfort so I suppose blogging is back on the menu as well.

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