It’s Not Me–Really

Everybody knows that most Web-based e-mail providers are susceptible to spam no matter how hard you try to keep your address a secret. (I recall someone on Fark posting a comment along the lines of, "Open a Hotmail account...and the porn will come to you.") But starting yesterday, I started to get a plethora of … Continue reading It’s Not Me–Really


Happy Fall!

Anthony goes nuts in a pile of leaves! --------------- Now playing: Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot via FoxyTunes

I Miss Olde Tyme Hockey

A few days ago I overheard our newest employee--she's filling the void I left when I transferred--talk about her love for the Los Angeles Kings. She's already been to all their home games. She has her own Kings blog. In short, she's nuts for them. Upon overhearing this, my mind was immediately transported back to … Continue reading I Miss Olde Tyme Hockey

Red Dawn

I took this shot as I was walking to work this morning. This is not the sunset, peeps. Believe it or not, it's a sunrise. The sun appears red as the result of all the wildfires going on around here. Those aren't clouds; it's mostly smoke and ash from the fires. And the smell? Like … Continue reading Red Dawn

(Not So) Smooth Criminal

The Kid and I were playing a nice little game of "Cops and Robbers" in the backyard tonight. He was riding around on his little plastic trike while I was pretending to be a helicopter shining the spotlight or, in this case, flashlight on him as he ran. I pulled him over and played my … Continue reading (Not So) Smooth Criminal