These Shoes Aren’t Made for Walkin’

On a whim, today I decided to wear my Vans in stead of my Reeboks.

What a mistake that was.

For the most part, the Vans are durable and hold up to just about anything I throw at them. This could explain why I own about three pairs. But as far as walking long distances along hilly terrain goes…FAIL! I’ll never make that mistake again. It’s back to the Reebok running shoes tomorrow.

Speaking of foot pain…ladies, how in the world do you wear heels? It must be a real pain and here I am bitchin’ about switching from one kind of sneakers to another. I have a new-found appreciation for those ladies that must wear them to work and even more for those that have to walk to work. Ouch.

Oh, and here’s an ad I saw on Fark the other day:

Seriously, WTF is up with The Donald’s hair? When I saw it, this immediately came to mind:

Lunchtime Walk Music Selection: Violator by Depeche Mode