What an Idiot

I saw this today. The post’s subject says it all.

Sorry for the crappy quality; it was the last video clip I will ever take with my LG VX8100. Our contract was up last week and we upgraded to these babies today. (Mine is orange; Ann’s is green.) Plus, with the help of BitPim, I was able to retain all of the ringtones I created for the VX8100, and can still create my own ringtones from MP3 files. WOO HOO!

I also wanted to get a memory card but the 1GB was $30 and the 2GB was $49. (I had a 512MB card in my VX8100 and it suited me fine for years.) Instead, I opted for the $60 The Music Essentials Kit which included a data cable, Music Manager software, earphones and 2GB memory card. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned it was on sale for $30, so all the other goodies in the box were pretty much bonus items.

Between dealing with the holidays, a 3-year-old son that seems to be going on 18, and the general nonsense so typical during this frivolous time of year, my time off from work has passed quickly. I return on January 2nd and from all indications, it’s not a moment too soon.

Oh yeah, we also traded in Ann’s 2007 Dodge Caliber R/T AWD for a 2008 Ford Escape XLT. I won’t get into details but allow me to say this: I was never happier to turn in a set of keys to a dealership. That Dodge Caliber is a dog with weak acceleration (thanks to that amazingly stupid CVT transmission), a noisy engine and poor mileage. Believe it or not, the 4-cylinder Escape is already proving to have better mileage than the Caliber ever did.

And with that purchase, we’re done buying cars for a long time.

One Big Tree

@ Citadel Outlet, Commerce, CA. And it’s real, too.

@ Big Bear, CA!

UPDATED 7PM: Anthony plays in the (real) snow for the first time. The temperature was 31 degrees when we left…damn cold for the likes of us city folk!

And to prove we do actually have weather here in California, here you go:

More pictures at Flickr!

So You’d Better Be Good…

Here’s an except from a conversation I just had with Anthony.

Me: Remember, Anthony, Santa Claus is coming tonight.

Anthony: Yeah.

Me: So do you remember what I told you earlier about being good?

Anthony: I do.

Me: What did I say?

Anthony: To listen to Mommy and Daddy.

Me: That’s right. So you’d better be good…

Anthony: …for goodness’ snakes.

Merry Christmas, everybody. Have a good one!

Boo! Hiss!

Well, it looks like ol’ Denver and the Mile High Orchestra didn’t win the television audience over. And to be honest, I didn’t stick around to see who won. But it’s almost a lock that the band will be offered something in the future. That’s usually how those shows work.

Moving along. With the grandest of holidays quickly approaching, I’ve let my eating habits slip a bit. And when I say “a bit” I actually mean a lot. I’m drinking diet sodas, spooning chocolate chip cookie dough right from the tub, etc. It only happens once a year so I’m of the “to Hell with it” mindset right now. The scale? No, we’re not friends as of this moment.

I’ve also decided to change templates since I thought the place needed a fresh look. It took a while to find one that satisfied me, and this one was it. You may notice that the “My iTunes” widget has been removed as it has not been working or, and this is as likely as anything, WordPress disabled it. I suppose it’s just as well; Ann downloaded an album (*cough*BackstreetBoys*cough*) I’d never in a million years think to buy.

One thing I did buy, however, is the HolographicMeatloaf.com domain name for another year. So there’s no need to update your bookmarks or anything like that. You’ve got me for another year!

Since I’m off work until January 1st, we plan on taking at least one trip. Chances are it will be Big Bear since we all want to throw snowballs at each other and quite possibly inflict bodily harm. Be sure to check for a phone-cam image(s) live from the scene!