This Beats Driving?

I know it’s been a few *ahem* days since my last post, so I’m making this one count.

It’s about an incident that happened to me during my evening train commute. And oh, it’s a good one.

But before I begin, I should like to give you a few disclaimers. First, this post will be laden with obscenities. So if you’re the type whose virgin ears might be offended by four-letter words, head elsewhere now. If not, then stick around.

Second, this will be a long post as it more or less will be a story. Well, more of a rant. I’d advise going for a drink or a bite to eat whilst you read today’s entry. Hell, make a Starbucks run if you dare. Go ahead–I’ll be here when you get back.

Click here when you have your drink and/or munchie!