Yesterday morning I took a good, long look at my `06 Ford Explorer.

That night I traded it in.

With gas prices creeping closer to the unthinkable $4 per gallon price range, I decided that it was no longer practical to drive a vehicle that gets less than 13 miles per gallon and, for the most part, transports one person (me) most of the time. Even with my minimal driving, thanks in part to taking the MTA trains to work, I would go through half a tank per week. It would cost me more than $40 to fill it up every week with the tank half-full. Needless to say, that gets old really quick.

So I went online and began researching cars–used cars. I didn’t want to get caught in the payment trap again since we’re doing our best to stay out of serious debt. And with my job situation being what it is, financing would not be an option.

We made the decision to go to the local Carmax to see what they had in stock rather than what we saw online. One car in particular caught my eye not only because of the price, but I know a few people that own one and love them.

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