There Used to Be a Batting Cage Here…

It looks like another part of my childhood is being ripped away from me.

The Carson Batting Cages, a longtime staple within Alpine Village in Torrance, CA, will cease to operate in a matter of days from what I understand. In fact, it could be gone by the time this post goes live.

No, they definitely have not fallen victim to the economy as they are nearly the only batting cage in the area. Rather, they’ve met their untimely demise in the same way most other small businesses do: progress.

According to my brother who speaks with the owner Daryl quite frequently, they are pretty much being forced out of their location despite having a 30-year lease. I also hear that the folks who run Alpine Village are intermittently turning off the power to the batting cages in an effort to make things worse for them.

Way to be professional about things, mein heirs.

Either way there probably is nothing anybody can do about it now, but it’s still sad to see it go. My brother and I went there religiously back in the day and Daryl, Kevin and Roy (Daryl’s sons) practically watched me go from an early teen to adult. Hell, they’ve known us so long they never bothered to make us wear helmets when hitting. While the family still owns a location in Lakewood, I have so many fond memories of Carson Batting Cages.

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