Harmonix Announces Rock Band Add-Ons

Harmonix, makers of the rockingly successful interactive Rock Band game, has announced plans to expand its lineup of instruments, an inside source has revealed. Speaking under condition of anonymity, they spilled the proverbial beans on several new additions to what Harmonix has referred to as their “franchise” game. The Rock Band Flute will make players … Continue reading Harmonix Announces Rock Band Add-Ons

Happy Belated Birthday!

Yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of Anthony entering our world and turning into the chaotic, fun, mesmerizing, confusing, aggravating, enjoyable, scary, outrageously fun and often nonsensical place it is today. And we wouldn't have it any other way. It was four years ago that I got that call from Ann telling me to turn around … Continue reading Happy Belated Birthday!

Bust A Nut

The whole Washington Mutual ad slogan got me thinking about other dumb or annoying ads from the past. And I think I may have found the crown jewel. Back in the 90s there was a snappy radio jingle for Corn Nuts, in my opinion one of the raunchiest snacks ever invented or consumed by mankind. … Continue reading Bust A Nut

“In Memory Of” Stickers

*grabs megaphone and steps up to the blog* *a click, some static and feedback* Attention, anybody who has one of those “In Memory Of...” decals on your vehicle. Nobody cares. Seriously, nobody cares less than a complete stranger that chances are you will never pass on the street ever again. Your vehicular sentiment serves no … Continue reading “In Memory Of” Stickers

That’s the Best They Could Come Up With?

Advertising agencies are in the business to cater to their clients' needs in terms of getting a specific message to their target audience. Thousands if not millions of dollars are spent each year by businesses to ad agencies in the hopes that they will generate a message that will reflect the lifestyle of their targeted … Continue reading That’s the Best They Could Come Up With?