Me and Uncle Lou

I had the pleasure of attending my Uncle Pete’s wedding today at a historical residence in my hometown of Wilmington, CA. (That’s another blog entry, believe me.) Not only was it great to be in a residence with so much history, I enjoyed catching up with relatives I hadn’t seen in years.

The man you see me with above is one of them. Uncle Lupe, or Lou as he likes to be called these days, has always been the one person in the family with a reputation for being a little different. For example, he’ll just show up at your door unannounced. That’s not unusual until you consider that he lives in northern California, exact location unknown, and we’re in southern California. That’s just how he rolls and everybody in the family knows it.

Until he could no longer handle the physical and mental strain it placed upon him, he sailed often. In fact for his final adventure, he told me that he sailed to the Galapagos Islands in the middle of hurricane season. As he feverishly took notes on his laptop computer, it was then that he got the inspiration for his new book, due in June. (At the time he had no intentions of writing a book; only documenting his trip was his priority.)

Uncle Lou’s owned a surfboard shop in San Diego, has worked for the aerospace industry, and is also the author of Cut Flowers. Our family photo album is chock full of pictures of him doing various activities like scuba diving and anything involving the ocean. He’s always been sort of secretive about things he’s done, and that only added to his mystique. In short, you could say he’s the original version of The Most Interesting Man in the World. And being that I hadn’t seen him in years I felt compelled to speak with him about writing and everything that goes along with it.

We laughed, we discussed writing, we embraced and shook hands since, well, who knows when we’ll meet again. I learned enough from him in our brief time together to become inspired to do great things with the written word, and to never lose focus on the one thing, that one “push” as he called it, when it finally hits me.

And after hearing some of the stories my mom was telling me about growing up with Uncle Lou, I came to the realization that for better or worse, I have much more in common with him than previously thought. The mind of a writer definitely does not work on the same frequency as that of the mathematician, which could explain why the two of us had so much to speak about.

Meeting up with Uncle Lou has given me a new outlook on writing something beyond a blog, and that’s something I truly needed to hear. And Ann has his instructions to kick my rear into doing it.

He’s promised to send me a signed copy of Cut Flowers when he gets back home. When it arrives I am going to print a copy of the image you see above and place it inside for inspiration.

Thanks, Uncle Lou. You truly made my day.

Happy Friday! Here’s $10

Even though I got not one e-mail in regards to Q&A Friday, which I now officially proclaim as dead before it even started, I’m still going to give you all something in return. Because that’s just the kind of guy I am.

Here’s a $10 coupon for Walgreens, valid only today, May 30th until 11:50 p.m. It’s off of a purchase of $30 or more and can’t be used on the usual fare of alcohol, smokes, prescriptions, etc. See the fine print for more details.

Now go out and stimulate that economy by buying some worthless impulsive crap!


With our company now officially on the market, I couldn’t help but ponder…

Is it unreasonable to think that the future owners, whomever they may be, would consider keeping Corporate operations here in L.A. as opposed to moving them to the East Coast?

Wouldn’t it be easier to leave things as they are instead of undertaking the logistical nightmare relocating the office, hiring a new crew, building a new office, etc.?

Wouldn’t it make sense to cut the few people already hired for the new office back east rather than cut an officeful of people in L.A.?

Or is perhaps the sale of the company contingent upon the relocation?

Either way, there doesn’t seem to be much concern about it here. But we have a few meetings scheduled over the next few weeks (one of which is tomorrow) that will go over everything we need to know–or at least what the Powers That Be are willing to divulge.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE 5/30/08: We’ve been spared! Well, temporarily at least. The company is still for sale but the our location will remain open for the time being. It’s not really a reason to celebrate but hey, it’s a bit promising. I can’t get into more details about it so there you go 🙂

Ridership on MTA Going Up?

As of late, it seems to me that there hasn’t been much room on my Metro trains while going to work. The Aviation Boulevard station–transfer point to the L.A. International Airport shuttle–was once the stop at which most riders would exit the train, leaving me with room to stretch and more than likely a place to sit.

But now I seem to have gained a few friends past that station to my stop, Mariposa Avenue station. And they follow me from the train and into the tapestry of tall buildings that speckle the skies of beautiful corporate El Segundo.

Could it be that in the wake of ridiculous fuel prices, Los Angelinos have finally been humbled, swallowed their pride and have begun to ride public transportation?

It wonders me.

While on the topic of work, it’s been decided by the Powers That Be that our company “is seeking offers by interested parties to purchase the company.” So yay, more corporate bullshit and uncertainty to deal with.

But that’s okay, I suppose. Those trains are getting mighty crowded…

They’re Back…But Why?

Look, I’ve never claimed to be the picture of today’s fashion. I just sort of evolve and blend in as I always have and probably will continue to do.

But I’ve noticed recently that there’s been an 80s fashion trend with the male Abercombie-and-Fitch-shirt-wearing crowd that is slowly coming back, much like some things that many thirty-something ladies would rather forget.

I’m talking about are Turbo sunglasses.

I seem to recall one time when these things we cool, and that was back in the early 80s when I might have gotten my picture taken in a photo booth at Knott’s Berry Farm wearing those Turbo sunglasses and a baseball concert shirt from The Police’s “Ghost in the Machine” tour. I also might have had a brick-sized “portable” AM/FM/cassette with auto-reverse and Dolby NR Walkman, braces on my teeth and one of those butt-ugly Pittsburgh Pirate hats. (Note: I actually do have the picture I have just described but cannot locate it at the moment. Trust me–it’s a classic.)

And by the way, I never spent more than $2.50 for my Turbo shades–and at the swap meet to boot. $10  could have stocked me up for life, or at least the life of the trend.

I think that may have been the only time wearing such sunglasses may have been acceptable. But ladies, don’t feel left out. You have your own sunglass trend for today too, made popular by just about every celebrity: oversized sunglasses, or what I prefer to call The Brett Somers look.

Turbo sunglasses looked good in the 80s, sure. But flash-forward to 2003 (in my um, fatter days)…

…hmm, perhaps not so much.

Five years later my opinion remains unchanged, although there are possibly worse choices out there.

So let’s stop this evil fashion trend before it spreads. The next time you see a person wearing those Turbo sunglasses, just sock ’em in the eye and tell the Corey Hart called and not only wants his career back, but his ridiculous shades, too.