Me and Uncle Lou

I had the pleasure of attending my Uncle Pete's wedding today at a historical residence in my hometown of Wilmington, CA. (That's another blog entry, believe me.) Not only was it great to be in a residence with so much history, I enjoyed catching up with relatives I hadn't seen in years. The man you … Continue reading Me and Uncle Lou


Happy Friday! Here’s $10

Even though I got not one e-mail in regards to Q&A Friday, which I now officially proclaim as dead before it even started, I'm still going to give you all something in return. Because that's just the kind of guy I am. Here's a $10 coupon for Walgreens, valid only today, May 30th until 11:50 … Continue reading Happy Friday! Here’s $10


With our company now officially on the market, I couldn't help but ponder... Is it unreasonable to think that the future owners, whomever they may be, would consider keeping Corporate operations here in L.A. as opposed to moving them to the East Coast? Wouldn't it be easier to leave things as they are instead of … Continue reading Thinking…

Ridership on MTA Going Up?

As of late, it seems to me that there hasn't been much room on my Metro trains while going to work. The Aviation Boulevard station--transfer point to the L.A. International Airport shuttle--was once the stop at which most riders would exit the train, leaving me with room to stretch and more than likely a place … Continue reading Ridership on MTA Going Up?

They’re Back…But Why?

Look, I've never claimed to be the picture of today's fashion. I just sort of evolve and blend in as I always have and probably will continue to do. But I've noticed recently that there's been an 80s fashion trend with the male Abercombie-and-Fitch-shirt-wearing crowd that is slowly coming back, much like some things that … Continue reading They’re Back…But Why?