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Just so you don’t think I’ve disappeared, I’m here to let you know that not only am I alive and well, but that Ann and I will be going to see George Michael tonight at The Forum in Los Angeles. Ann’s been dying to see him but since we both thought ticket prices were just insane, we didn’t buy any.

Then last week it was announced that TicketBastard would be selling some for 25 hours at the reasonable price of $25 each plus their so-called “handling fees.”*

I’m sure a picture or two will be forthcoming provided I can sneak my camera in.

Oh wait, cameras are prohibited but cell phones aren’t?

Ah, I get it.

I think.

*Logically, 3 tickets @ $25 = $75. After fees and such, 3 tickets @ $25 = $107, parking extra. Fark off, TicketBastard!

2 thoughts on “Quick Post


    I used LOOOOOVE him. Then he got all self-important. Then he made some stupid mistakes. Then he got all arrogant about being called out on his stupid mistakes.

    But I’d still love to hear him.

    Have a great time!


  2. I’ll admit that I don’t have a single CD of his, but I think every woman in her mid- to late 30s owns a copy of “Faith,” Ann included. It’s like a requirement from what I understand.

    And I had forgotten all about his little “incident” years ago. I’ll just be sure to use the bathroom before I go to the show 😛

    The dude *can* sing so I suspect this will be a good show. Watch for a “live” report later tonight!


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