George Michael Live in L.A.

Great show so far!

UPDATE 12-25-16: RIP, George. And thank you for an incredible performance.

UPDATE 6-26-08 (1 of 2): It’s come to my attention that this entry has been posted in a few threads at the George Michael Forums, and I’ve got no problem with that. (In fact, hi everybody!) The more hits the better, I always say 🙂

At any rate, I probably won’t be joining the forums since I won’t have much to add other than this: I have a few more pictures that I will post later and hope you enjoy. Know, however, that they aren’t the best because of my seats and my 2MP phone-cam, but they will be posted anyhow.

I also shot a video clip of one song that, YouTube rules pending, will also be posted. So if you don’t want any spoilers, I’d urge you to NOT click on the second update coming tonight.

A quick assessment of the show: it was nothing short of amazing and I was glad I went–even if we did have to leave at 11 p.m. (I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. for work the next morning.)

UPDATE 6-26-08 (2 of 2): The images (click to enlarge):

If you want to read more, click the link below! Now includes video links.

Partial setlist in no particular order (some I knew, others I had to look up):

  • Faith
  • Jesus to a Child
  • Outside
  • A Different Corner
  • I’m Your Man (video)
  • Everything She Wants (video)
  • Roxanne
  • Too Funky
  • Fastlove
  • Father Figure
  • Amazing
  • One More Try
  • Flawless (Go to the City)
  • Kissing a Fool

The show began at 8:45, not exactly the “8:00 prompt” promised start time on the ticket. Also, the on-screen 20-minute countdown during the intermission seemed to be slow with each second lasting more like 1.5 seconds.

Visually, it was spectacular. Each song was complemented by the actual music video or other colorful CG images. And with two giant screens on either side of the stage, the view was great.

The “band” surrounding Michael during the show’s slower songs appeared to be faking it. I could clearly see the same instruments being played by the “real” band behind them.

It was his birthday so the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He thanked them but seemed more interested in getting the show moving. I liked that.

The crowd was definitely diverse: young, old, men, women, black, white, gay couples, hetero couples, etc., and all having a good time. This is proof why we need more good music in the world: it brings us together.

I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would but we had to split at 11 p.m. since I had to get to wake up at 5:30 a.m. today and get to work. If you were at the show and see songs missing from my list, chances are they were performed after we left or I just forgot them. Old age does that to you.

All in all, a great experience. I hadn’t been to The Forum in at least 10 years, when I saw Depeche Mode during The Singles tour. What was my last concert? It was Depeche Mode at Staples Center in 2006, so George Michael’s performance last night without a doubt filled my longing for live music!

That’s all I got! Just a fantastic show.

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