Gimme Shelter

The MTA Green Line trains each have a few benches just before the partition where the two cars are connected. Each bench, depending on the girth of the person, can easily seat four people.

On the way home, I managed to grab the seat just before the partition and an older gentleman took the other on the right. For a few stops the space between us remained empty.

Then we stopped at the next station and the train became flooded, mostly with the typical loudmouthed kids I’ve grown accustomed to ignoring. Two of said kids entered the train and sat…okay, squeezed between me and the gentlemen on the right.

And that’s when it happened.

Although I was listening to my iPod, I heard one of the girls plainly say, “Daayum, big people shouldn’t be sittin’ in these seats!” Her friend laughed.

I was about to say something but thinking of the whole “When ignorance is bliss…” thing I kept my mouth shut, but I did give her a dirty stare just as she looked over at me as if to say, “You ignorant fucking bitch.” They had no more smart remarks for the duration of the trip.

So in the last few weeks I’ve seen my XBOX get fried, there’s some asshole running around New York pretending to be me, I got stuck at a train station for an hour, and saw Anthony vomit on me and my father-in-law during a trip to the swap meet–while still in the car. And to top it all off, despite losing nearly 100 lbs., I get called a fatass by some dipshit kids while the U.S. economy continues to suck.

Gimme shelter. And here’s where I find it.

As you know, I dig music. Nothing is ever off-limits with me and I’m always excited when I find new stuff. But as a way to change my demeanor after having such a craptastic luck lately, I’m going to post a few songs that always do the trick for me.

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