Top 10 Posts for the Year

Since 2008 is about to go bye-bye, I thought I'd entertain you with a list of the year's Top 10 Posts here on Holographic Meatloaf according to my host, WordPress. They tally that sort of stuff.   The total number of hits follows the post, and please note that these numbers were as of the … Continue reading Top 10 Posts for the Year

You Better Get Busy

UPDATE: Time Warner and Viacom reached an agreement shortly before the deadline. Crisis averted; comments have been turned off as they are now irrelevant. Man, if you have Time Warner Cable or Bright House Network and like your SpongeBob or MTV, you'd better get busy! I turned on the TV today for The Kid and Nickelodeon is running … Continue reading You Better Get Busy

@ Wrightwood!

@ Wrightwood!, originally uploaded by aeromat. Hello snow! That's Ann and The Kid on the right side of the photo. We all nailed each other with snowballs! You can see the pics along with a few video clips by clicking here. Most are (unsurprisingly) of The Kid but there are plenty others to see. Enjoy! --- … Continue reading @ Wrightwood!

Meme for Today

I stolded this from blogger extraordinaire LadyGypsy since, well, I'm pretty much dry on content and I return to work on January 5. Between spending some quality time with the family and running to the hospital to visit Mom (who will be released tomorrow--yay!), I've also been pretty busy. Da rulez for this are as follows: … Continue reading Meme for Today

Ship and Sub

Ship and Sub, originally uploaded by aeromat. Out and about in Long Beach!