‘I Need a Cleanup at Cubicle 36…’

Ever wonder what happens after you leave the office?

Pumpkins, Part Deux

Remember those nifty home-grown pumpkins from a few posts ago? Well, last night Ann bought our annual package of carving instruments and we went to town. Here is mine which was made from the tallest pumpkin of the bunch: I figured since this is the 15th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas, I thought I'd … Continue reading Pumpkins, Part Deux


Life After “High School Musical”

Yesterday as the family sat through the painfully exuberant production that is called the High School Musical 3 parade at Disney's California Adventure, Ann came up with an interesting thought. "So they (the characters) graduated high school. What do they do next?" Well, sweetie, allow me to answer that with a list of possibilities that … Continue reading Life After “High School Musical”

@ Disneyland

Disneyland @ 8:30 a.m. Nobody here! Woo hoo! UPDATED 8:30 p.m.: I don't have much else to add except a few pictures from today via Slide.com: Oh, and trip to the Blue Sky Cellar Imagineering exhibit sort of rekindled my love of art, so I'm now off to dig out my Art Bin box and … Continue reading @ Disneyland

Cool iPhone App for Hallowe’en

...or to just chill with. If you've got an iPod Touch or iPhone and are looking for a way to spookify your upcoming Hallowe'en party, annoy your idiot neighbors or scare the bejesus out of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, you're in luck this year. Let me show you Easy Relax, a cool app I found the other … Continue reading Cool iPhone App for Hallowe’en