Funny That

It always amazes me at how spammers will try anything to get their comments posted.

I’m used to my occasional spam comment here; I get maybe one a day at the most. Askimet is very good at filtering them for me and only one (that I can recall) slipped by as a regular comments and I was alerted via e-mail to moderate it. Of course I deleted it.

One post in particular is now getting more “comments” to be moderated than ever before since I mentioned that it has gotten close to 1,000 hits and is the most popular post I’ve written. Granted that “rock band add-ons” is still a popular search and that it is the holidays, but I just can’t get over how lame people are as to think that their spam or links to tittie, mortgage or dick-pill sites are going to slip past Askimet or myself.

Whether automated of by someone with too much time on their hands, just give it up already! (Or if you keep it up, hey, know that all you’re doing is adding to my hit counter and giving me more traffic.) If the filter doesn’t send you to the Sin Bin, where I can just let the comment sit and have it automatically deleted in a few days, there’s no doubt I will determine if the comment–all of which are moderated and must be approved by me–will ever get posted!

And just for good measure, I’ll mention this post as the all-time second most popular on my blog, only about 100 hits behind the aforementioned post. At this point there is no spam in the Sin Bin for this post; let’s see what happens in a few days!

Note: I had writtten this post a few days ago and had it saved in the Drafts folder but never got to posting it, so here you go!