Yet Another Request

As you know, your ol' pal Dave will on occasion make unusual requests and thrust them upon the world via this here blog. And as is usually the case, the world tends to ignore him. But here's one that I beg will be heard and subsequently followed: Comic Sans must die. No seriously, that font … Continue reading Yet Another Request


Holy Hell! WTF is That?

Now that the holidays are upon us, the airwaves are getting crammed with commercials for new and innovative products that your friends and family will just be begging you to buy for them. And if any of your friends just happen to be the Dalai Lama, a tall Jawa or short Kanamit, Mahalia Jackson, members … Continue reading Holy Hell! WTF is That?

Giving Thanks

I'm thankful... be alive to experience everything good or bad. ...for my son and wife that continually put up with my nonsense and still manage to tell me they love me. ...the hugs said family give me each day. mom who raised two boys on her own after Dad died when I was … Continue reading Giving Thanks

“You Write Like a Girl”

Now what the Hell is that supposed to mean? I'm not talking about my style of writing (or voice) here or otherwise, but rather the way in which I actually put pen to paper. I guess having legible penmanship was something that would only come natural to me. As a creative person, one that was … Continue reading “You Write Like a Girl”

Large Detroit Car Company

In the wake of Detroit's Big Three getting handed a giant FAIL in requesting their bailout, I recalled a clip from the very first long-form music/comedy skit video ever made. It was called Elephant Parts, a project dreamed up by former Monkee Michael Nesmith and produced with money from his mother's Liquid Paper enterprise. And … Continue reading Large Detroit Car Company