Down, kitty! That's Ozzie, our cat who for years behaved like a dog--he played fetch, his meows sounded more like barks, and to this day he still won't eat his food until I give him a few good pats on his backside. Now that he's getting older (noooo!) he's starting to be more cat-like, but … Continue reading RAWR!!!1!


Dear Santa

Dearest Santa, Hi, it's Dave from California! How have you been this last year? I hope the weather is treating you and Mrs. Claus fine and that your elves and reindeer are all in good health. At any rate, Santa, I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you that I've been a … Continue reading Dear Santa

By the Way…

I had one of those moments with The Kid that I will truly treasure. See, he loves The Polar Express, a movie I would have not considered watching before he came along. At any rate, we were putting up the tree and decorations last weekend and had the soundtrack playing in the background. Then this … Continue reading By the Way…

The Point of No Return

Now that The Phantom of the Opera is scheduled to return in 2009 to The Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, we're seeing plenty of commercials for it. And all that makes me want to do is go out right now and buy tickets. It's not like I haven't seen the show, no. I've seen it … Continue reading The Point of No Return