Down, kitty! That’s Ozzie, our cat who for years behaved like a dog–he played fetch, his meows sounded more like barks, and to this day he still won’t eat his food until I give him a few good pats on his backside. Now that he’s getting older (noooo!) he’s starting to be more cat-like, but that’s okay…even if I miss playing fetch with him.

The reason I shot that picture is because I was doing another external flash test as was I asked to shoot a Christmas party next Sunday. Chances are I’ll take the job since the house/venue is amazing and it’ll give me some more experience. Ann’s not a very willing subject and The Kid’s counting sheep so I decided to let Ozzie be my victim. And of course, he obliged.

Aside from gaining the experience of shooting a rather large event, I still need to replace my Xbox.

That’s it for now. I’m beat and going to lie down possibly for the night. I guess our Company Christmas Party Annual Year-End Celebration and What-Have-You really pooped me out. I can barely keep my peepers open.

Finally, thanks to Kimberly of LadyGypsy.net for following through with CookieCam 2008! I caught a few minutes of the action earlier today and it was most entertaining. I really dug the antlers!

Have a great weekend, all! Ozzie’s waiting for me to lay on the couch so I can then become his couch.

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Dear Santa

Dearest Santa,

Hi, it’s Dave from California! How have you been this last year? I hope the weather is treating you and Mrs. Claus fine and that your elves and reindeer are all in good health.

At any rate, Santa, I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you that I’ve been a good boy this year. But since you can see me when I’m sleeping and know when I’m awake, it’s pretty much assumed that you’ve known about my behavior all year long. If that stuff is really true, can you see me when I’m [insert embarrassing moment/habit here]?

But I digress. Since I’ve been good I wanted to send you a picture or two of the one thing I want the most this year. It’s not much but I think I truly deserve it! Click on the attachments below to see for yourself (totally safe, BTW).

f125700 ATT1033584.jpg

f125700 ATT1033585.jpg

I hope you can manage this one, Santa. I would be a very happy kid if you could! If you can’t then I guess I’ll have to add it to my Amazon Wish List and hope for the best!

Thanks, and talk to you next year!

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By the Way…

I had one of those moments with The Kid that I will truly treasure.

See, he loves The Polar Express, a movie I would have not considered watching before he came along. At any rate, we were putting up the tree and decorations last weekend and had the soundtrack playing in the background.

Then this song came on (and if you can’t fight back a tear or two during this song, you might be an ASIMO):

“When Christmas Comes to Town”

He immediately stopped what he was doing and began to calmly sing along to it, which literally turned me into a sobbing mess. I mean, it was bad. I was an awestruck father sitting there smiling and watching his own flesh and blood so innocently express himself through song, something that was quite possibly one of the most awesome things I have ever witnessed. Sure, he knows his share of Beatles songs but it was this one that moved me to tears.

Maybe it was just the spirit of the holiday season; maybe it was just the sound of his little voice singing along to a song from one of his favorite movies.

Either way, I won’t soon forget it. And I’m sure my dad would have loved it, too.

The Point of No Return

phantom_michaelNow that The Phantom of the Opera is scheduled to return in 2009 to The Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, we’re seeing plenty of commercials for it. And all that makes me want to do is go out right now and buy tickets.

It’s not like I haven’t seen the show, no. I’ve seen it at least 10 times, mostly at The Music Center, a few times at the aforementioned Pantages and once in Las Vegas at The Venetian which, by the way, was an effing AMAZING production. Hell, I even have one of the “Notes” from the show which was a gift to my brother from Marie Danvers who played Christine in the Broadway production (see images later in post). We all got to hang out with her after a performance in Los Angeles where we learned she worked at an Arby’s and swears she ate more Potato Cakes than anyone else alive. Nice lady and very down-to-earth, as was Michael Crawford when I got his autograph after a show.

Anyway, those commercials just got me thinking of the show so I decided to listen to the soundtrack while at work the other day. And I was really into it with images of the show running through my head, which only made the day go by faster. Once Disc One was finished I punched up Disc Two on my iPod and continued to mouth the words at my desk while working.

Then it happened.

Just as “The Point of No Return” finished and I was getting ready for the big final number….I got nothing. Seriously, I was met by dead silence. WTF happened here?!

For some reason or another, Disc Two on my iPod was missing the song from arguably the most intense moment of the show–and I couldn’t finish it. Man, that stinks.

So the first thing I did when I got home was copy it over to the iPod and the next day at work, listen to the soundtrack in its entirety. And I was finally happy.

Oh, and as promised, here are the scans of the “Notes” from the show.

Well, tomorrow is our big Company Christmas Party End of Year Celebration and golly gee, I seem to have forgotten to buy a Hawai’ian shirt for the event. I hope The Powers that Be didn’t automatically assume that everybody owns such a shirt because, well, I don’t. That’s like assuming everybody hates anchovies on pizza which is absolutely NOT true–I love them on pizza! A little on the salty side but meh, they are tasty.

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