Air Force One, Part Deux

Air Force One Part Deux, originally uploaded by aeromat.

A better shot!

UPDATE: More images uploaded to my Flickr account. See them here! And behold, my first stitched photo evar! I used three different images and stitched them together in Photoshop 7. I’m diggin’ the results and I’m sure I’ll get better. The digital zoom was maxed out; hence the pixelization of the image.

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2 thoughts on “Air Force One, Part Deux

  1. i like the strand of barbed wire across the top. it works, for some reason.
    had to deviate from my usual commute home, as the OC Fairgrounds are on homeward-bound route.

    dave, if you’re looking for a screenplay, how about a story about a guy who spends all his work hours honing his ping pong skills until one day he up and quits in order to pursue his dream of becoming the next forest gump?
    or how about a story about a guy who grows up on the mean streets of detroit, but then invents this revolutionary new product–oh, we’ll call it the “hide-a-ho” and he hires this whole marketing team to help him sell the product, and they do a bang-up job, but then one day he shit-cans them all and replaces them with day laborers that he picks up from the home depot parking lot?


    1. It was like we were prisoners standing there…

      Not sure about your first idea, but the second one definitely has some merit. Because pimpin’ is more than just a smooth ride in foxy slippers! Damn, I wish I could find that article…


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