Greatly Exaggerated

To quote Mark Twain, the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I decided that after the dreadful week we had, I needed some time away from the blog to unwind and prepare myself for my new job which, at least after the first 5 days, isn't too bad. That should explain my lack … Continue reading Greatly Exaggerated

The Stage!

The Stage!, originally uploaded by aeromat. Are we close? Hell yeah! UPDATE: Phone-cam pics are up at Flickr!

Depeche Mode Soundcheck!

Depeche Mode Soundcheck!, originally uploaded by aeromat. They are on stage there, I swear! In line @ VIP area. Follow my tweets @aeromat for more.

Of Mice And Men

My post on April 19th, entitled "A Full Slate," went over in fine detail my plans for this week. I'm taking a moment to update the entire post because, well, the best laid plans of mice and men... Everything in italics and green are the original plans; clusterfucks are in red italics and the new … Continue reading Of Mice And Men

With Apologies to The Fixx and U2

With Apologies to The Fixx and U2, originally uploaded by aeromat. I reached the beach on today's bike ride. And it's a beautiful day. UPDATE: Rode 18.4 miles total and feel fantastic. But if you think I'm going on the treadmill tonight, you're crazy 🙂 A few more pictures will be coming later.