Unemployed, Day 2

I don’t think the magnitude of what happened on Tuesday has quite sunk in yet.

I’m unemployed. No income. Not good. But I’m trying to make the most of it by applying wherever I can, hoping to get a call back from any of them. If anything, I’m enjoying staying at home with The Kid and just being Daddy: taking him to school, playing at the park, just spending time with him. Those are things that I only had the chance to do for a few hours a day during the week, so I’m truly thankful for having the opportunity to do it now. In fact he’s agreed to pay me for it: $500 a day or, in Kid Money, a tiny handful of change worth about 67 cents. I’ll take it.

The Kid’s been very mature, too. I’ve already told him that we can’t just go spending money on toys and things we don’t need and he’s been completely understanding about it. A simple smile and hug from him makes me wish I could stay home and be with him all the time, but Ann’s job doesn’t pay nearly what my former job did.

And it’s not like what happened [at work] was entirely unexpected. As you will see in this post, the pieces had been moving since 2007 late 2006, less than a year after I had started there. So in essence, I was damn lucky that nothing happened before Tuesday. (Actually, I would have been cut loose sooner if I were still the Web Proofreader as that position was eliminated last year.) I had made up my mind that I was going to stick around until they either moved or let me go. The latter came to fruition.

This time off also gives me plenty of time to other things like do some laundry and drain the hot tub, both of which I did today. The real downer about being off: I’m snacking too much! While I haven’t gained any weight, I get the feeling that I’m making too many visits to the kitchen and that ain’t good. I just need to check the clock and make sure that when I do snack, it was at the same times I did when I was at the office.

Well, tomorrow is Day 3. The job hunting continues…

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